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Finding the Right Direction



Jane recently won a case at FOS against a private arm of a globally known highstreet bank involving a £3.5 million pound investment in an offshore bond.
Jane won a complaint against a large UK firm of wealth managers who currently manage around £25bn without recourse to FOS or the Courts. The win, in a case involving a double trust IHT avoidance scheme, saw JSCS secure a £237,000 payout for the client. The referring IFA says about Jane: ‘her approach is unusual, but the way she works around the regulatory framework and persuades opposing claims representatives or in-house counsel that she will win makes it quite, quite clear that it is an approach that works. Clearly, not only did [the opposition] consider Jane's approach formidable, but unbeatable!'

Across the board, current statistics show that JSCS has a 75-80% success rate whether acting for claimant or defendant, and whatever the dispute.

In 2009 JSCS' services were also retained by what quickly became a 90 strong party of investors who had lost a collective £18m of savings and pensions.
In what is believed to be a first of its kind and size, Jane and her team led the group through the FSCS' process and, in what appears to be a groundbreaking decision, have even recovered payments for some investors who never met or received documentation from the IFA involved. To date we have secured approximately £4,000,000 from the FSCS, and had no complaints rejected. We are hopeful for more just results.

Kaupthing Singer Friedlander - offshore bonds - IoM
In a similar vein, JSCS are looking set to launch a group claim for depositors who invested in Kaupthing Singer Friedlander through an offshore bond. All such individuals have, we believe inequitably, been denied a claim to date; something we are looking to correct. All individuals concerned should note that there is a final cut off date of 27 November 2010 for making such claims.

It is of note that we have been given assurances, by the scheme manager, that each case running the argument already pre-emptively presented to the scheme manager will be considered on its merits. For information and terms please contact: