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  • Conflicts in British businesses costs £33 billion a year.
  • 80% of disputes have a significant impact on the smooth running of business.
  • In a case involving a million pounds a company will consume an average of over 3 years of managerial time trying to resolve it.


What sets JSCS apart from its competitors?
Well, for financial services firms, who better to safeguard the business you write than someone who knows how your files will be taken apart by the Ombudsman Service, having worked for them?

What is ADR?
Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to a body of dispute resolution processes designed to avoid litigation and its confines, but enable parties to achieve similar results, with greater speed and less cost. If you have a dispute, we believe it is most beneficial to you for us to be involved at the earliest stage possible.

What is the courts' position on ADR?
Following amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules and the decision of Halsey v. Milton Keynes General NHS Trust [2004] EWCA (Civ) 576 the courts now actively promote its use. Given that unreasonable refusals to attempt some form of ADR before getting to court can lead to a party having a costs order against them - even if they win, we always attempt resolution using some form of ADR. Happily, we have yet to refer a client on to Counsel having failed to resolve the issue ourselves; a trend we intend to maintain.


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