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I am an award-winning financial adviser, at Positive Solutions, the UK's largest national IFA firm. I became aware of Jane from reports of some of the IFA partners who had used Jane's services to represent their clients, to great effect.
Some time later, I came across a client who had clearly (in my view) been badly advised over his pension. At that point I could have either decided to handle the clients complaint myself, or look to some one with greater insight and expertise into the complexities and potential barriers that might be raised before my client, before a successuful resolution to his complaint came about. As such, after speaking with one of the IFA partners who had used Jane, I decided to "interview" Jane myself to see if I felt she had the necessary qualities, knowledge, expertise and tenacity to represent my client.

As an IFA, my reputation is dependent on the quality of service I can give, so I do not refer my clients on to other professionals without due consideration. After speaking with Jane, I am 100% confident that she is the absolute right choice to represent my clients interest in this matter and had no hesitiation in recommending my client to instruct her to act for him as she had instilled total confidence in her ability to resolve this matter, to the clients best advantage and in a short a time scale as will be possible. After all, who better to understand where an adviser has overstepped the mark than a former adjudicator for the Financial Ombudsman Service! Once the client had spoken with Jane, he was in total agreement and instructed her without delay.
During my initial research into my clients affairs and speaking to the Trustees, I was convinced there was a common theme here in which a class action could be mounted, and initially my thoughts were that my client could be put in touch with the group or solcitor handling the action. There was no such action but the trustee did mention that one investor was taking legal action in his own right.

I could have easily recommended my client simply be put in touch with these lawyers as they are already making some progress, but I'm quite happy that having Jane in my team will be a greater benefit to my client than letting him tag on to someone elses solicitors, that perhaps do not have the in depth understanding of the compliance issues and Financial Services and Markets Act that Jane does. Unless they are specialists or advising on compliance issues day in, day out, I doubt they could hold a candle up to Jane. I hope for your sake, that they can.
You might like to ask yourself, why at this point the professional trustee , knowing you already have legal representation, has put you in touch with Jane Sanders if he did not think that Jane could bring something extra to the table that your existing lawyers may be lacking?
Do please feel free to contact me on any of the numbers below, or speak to Jane herself as I'm sure you'll get more out of speaking with her for 5 minutes than any other solicitor, and feel confident that she will be the right person to take your complaint on in the correct manner to give you the best outcome possible for your own particular situation.

I wish you every success with your complaint and look forward to speaking to you if you would like to discuss this matter further.

NICK MANUEL Cert PFS, BSc(Hons), PhD, Positive Solutions (Financial Services) Ltd 
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