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I am an IFA business partner with Positive Solutions, one of the largest IFA firms in the UK.

I have over 30 years experience in Pension, Investment and Tax planning.

I became aware of Jane Sanders (JSCS) through an editorial piece in Money Marketing in 2008 when she left FOS and went freelance as a dispute resolution specialist while she undertook training as a Barrister at City Law School.

I first had reason to call upon Jane when a client of mine, a high net worth client, was badly advised by a well known, reputable UK company. To give you an idea of their size, they currently have 21.4 billion pounds of assets under management. The matter was particularly complex, and involved a double trust ‘designed’ to take considerable assets out of the client’s estate for IHT purposes, when in fact, this was not the case, and shortly after the client paid considerable sums of money to follow the firm’s recommendation, the media made it quite clear that such strategies would undoubtedly be subject to challenge by HMRC and would fail.

By the time Jane had been instructed, the client was 4 years into the 7 year relevant period for IHT purposes, when the scheme had to be unravelled as being non-compliant with the new policies set out by HMRC, leaving my client, who was of considerable age, having spent a considerable amount of money and lost four year’s worth of IHT planning through no fault of her own.

Jane and I met, and I laid out all the aspects that were relevant, much as one would do with a solicitor or barrister. Jane took the case away with her, asked a few questions, and then drafted a complaint to be made on behalf of the client to the firm in question. On reading the draft, not only did it become apparent that Jane had grasped all the complexities of the issue in a short period of time, but the arguments she put forward made it absolutely clear that if the matter was taken to FOS e.g. the firm did not concede, Jane knew that the case would be upheld in my client’s favour at FOS. It was this knowledge of FOS policy and decision making that formed the basis for my decision to approach her in the first place.

It was also clear to me that my decision to appoint her had been well judged, even though I knew nothing of her legal qualifications or aspirations prior to meeting her. In fact, on the strength of her submissions not only did it become clear that she had grasped all the facts, the legislation of the complex financial issues that I had brought to her attention; things with which I was well versed given many years of experience, but this command of the facts combined with her knowledge of FOS made for a formidable opponent for the firm.

This was an opinion that was absolutely shared by the firm when, on receipt of the letter, they almost immediately upheld the complaint in my client’s favour without going to FOS. Clearly, not only did they consider Jane’s approach formidable, but unbeatable. This resulted in my client receiving a settlement of some £237,000, which, considering the cost spent in instructing Jane, was remarkable, knowing that solicitors or barristers would have struggled with the concepts involved and would have cost 4 or 5 times what Jane was charging at the time, without, in my opinion, achieving the same result.

Off the back of this, Jane’s details were put out on Positive Solution’s partner message board from which point she has received various instructions from other partners whose clients have cases that they themselves cannot handle, and I believe she has had the same success there in negotiating settlement having issued just one ‘submission’. In short we all view Jane as a trouble shooter who grasps the concepts involved quickly, whatever is involved, deals with the matter pragmatically and gets the job done. I would not hesitate to use her again and I have, in fact, just instructed her on another sensitive issue which I am absolutely sure she will deal with using the same professional, pragmatic approach as she did my last instruction.

Her approach is unusual, but the way she works around the regulatory framework and persuades opposing claims representatives or in-house counsel, often based on one submission alone, that she will win makes it quite, quite clear that it is an approach that works. JSCS is, in short, a safe pair of hands.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

VICTOR ATKINS Indepent Financial Advisor, Positive Solutions
20 Cheam Road - Epsom - Surrey - KT17 1SN  - 020 9393 3559 - Mob 07968 294 996