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Signing a Document
The handshake of agreement
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Prevention - Before the Dispute Arises
At the heart of every commercial dispute is a contract. Our primary focus is very much on preventing disputes. When better to involve a specialist than at outset, before a dispute can arise and before a contract becomes binding, whilst contracting parties are on the very best terms? Whether your contract is with a consumer or a business, understanding your obligations, how best to give effect to those obligations, and what you can do to protect your position when doing business are key to avoiding disputes. Whether it be reviewing and improving a suitability letter for a pension transfer, the most important document you will issue in financial services, or your terms of business, or negotiating a contentious clause in a commercial construction contract, we can help.

Dispute Resolution
Disputes are inevitable. It is how you deal with these disputes that sets you apart from your competitors. It is fact that the best laid collaborative relationships quickly disintegrate when disputes arise, along with lines of communication, as parties vie to assert their rights, often resulting in impasse. Our specialist skills, and experience in dealing with business disputes, large and small, can be used to great effect; from objectively evaluating a problem, and offering a different perspective, to mediation between disputing parties or direct negotiation, you can be assured of professionalism, confidentiality and, most likely, resolution.

Jane Sanders completed her training as Barrister and was called to the Bar by Gray's Inn in October 2010. She does not, as yet, have her practising certificate. However, in an unusual step last year, Jane was instructed to defend an insolvency case brought by a banking group that went to litigation. To avoid breaching the Legal Services Act 2007 Jane drafted the defence to the claim against the couple's property, and the clients submitted the defence as litigants in person.
However, at the possession hearing, Jane sought and was effectively granted rights of audience, and successfully defended the possession at first instance. She later instructed Anthony Speaight QC on the same case, and worked alongside him, advising the clients as litigants in person because there was no solicitor involved, until the case was successfully resolved at mediation. Having been so successful an exercise, Jane has recently taken another case, this time in the context of financial services, and will continue to do so where necessary, until she obtains her practising certificate.


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